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To support the passenger check-in, boarding and baggage management activities by airline operators and designated ground handlers  (GHA) at the seven PCAA international airports, Reliance Aviation Tech Services has deployed and running the following technology service solutions.   


RESA’s CREWS system allows flexible and efficient sharing of check-in desks and boarding gates between airline agents, resulting in swift passenger check-in and boarding and on time departure. CREWS has been validated by 3 entities IATA, A4A and ACI, under the reference:

  • IATA’s RP1797

  • A4A’s TP 30.201

  • ACI’s RP 500A07

In 2009, CREWS became the first CUPPS platform in the world, installed in an international hub (Brussels Airport), to be approved, and used in operation without any problem by 2 major airlines, Lufthansa and Iberia.


RESA’s Baggage Reconciliation and Tracking System (BRTS) BAGERA is a complete baggage reconciliation and tracking system, based on the latest technologies and designed to compare each checked-in or connection baggage with the corresponding passenger and flight. BAGERA is based on the following IATA and ICAO specifications:

  • IATA recommendations 1797b and 1745 related to baggage sorting/reconciliation systems

  • IATA recommendations 740 and 769 for what concerns the tags’ description

  • Appendix ICAO Nr. 17

  • IATA Systems and Communication Reference v1.2


RESA’s Local Departure Control System (LDCS) ONBOARD provides passenger check-in, including boarding card and baggage tag printing for the airlines that do not have their own DCS connection. ONBOARD has been designed to enable simple scalability and can be integrated with other airport systems, as stipulated. During the initial COVID-19 emergency days, ONBOARD was used by airlines to operate their flights from the airports where they did not have an existing operation in Pakistan or configuration on the CUPPS system at a PCAA airport. ONBOARD has also been instrumental in supporting new entrants in Pakistan’s aviation space who do not have their own DCS.


We offer secure and redundant connectivity solution to domestic and international airlines operating in Pakistan. Currently we are providing connectivity service to more than 25 airlines operating in Pakistan, without any charges on the PCAA.

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